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What People Are Saying About Hesed Place

Nobody else is doing this...

“Nobody else is doing this. We hope you will be an example for other cities across the nation. This is exactly what Complex Trauma Survivors need!”

This is what we need...

“YES!! THIS is what they have been begging for. This IS what is needed! I don’t think this exists anywhere else.”

We are so thankful...

“We are so thankful to Hesed and all the workers for all the help and support you are giving my friend. I know that you all care very deeply for her and are walking with her every step of the way. We are so very thankful to God for Hesed.”

We will be donating monthly...

“Though we still want to support our local church, we also want to support Hesed Place, because there are so few resources currently for those who have gone through such severe trauma (and NONE that I know of that support someone through “The Whole Journey.”) We will be donating monthly to Hesed Place to help those in such great need.”

I most likely wouldn't be here today...

“I was diagnosed with PTSD in 1991 due to severe trauma trying to escape the occult world of deception. I most likely wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for Hesed Place.”

Just amazing...

It was so amazing to listen last night, for so many reasons. Amazing to see so many professionals willingly giving up their free time to grow in their understanding of how trauma effects their patient or client relationships. Amazing to have so many individuals stepping forward to not just walk through life with others, who like myself, missed developing basic life and relationship skills, because of another’s choice to strip life and humanity. Amazing to listen to a training on complex trauma presented in such an incredibly loving, knowledgeable and honoring way. You represented the complex trauma community and Hesed in such a beautiful and honest way!

Support ServicesOffered:

Individual Support Pairing
Transitional Living
Personal Skill Training
Referral Resources
Personal Development
Movement-Centered Activities (ie. Dance, Martial-Arts, Boxing, Theater, etc.)
Trauma-Informed Training & Education
Transitional Community Assistance

Services are offered provisionally and in accordance with funding and support.

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