What We Offer through Hesed Place

Walking with survivors of severe trauma through the stages of healing, growth in truth, and into the fullness of who they are.

  • Support Network

    Our model for survivor support models what we refer to as a “Life Group.” Each survivor entering Hesed Place has available to him / her a local network of people who serve in specific helping roles. Accommodating needs specific to each individual whether related to appointments, relationships, decision-making, job acquisition, personal care, or whatever the need may be… we seek to come together as a community to best provide for each unique situation.

    Is it possible to become an active part of our support network for survivors? Yes! We have an application process available for consideration.

  • Counseling

    Counseling, Therapy, Guidance, and Life Coaching are all important resources to offer anyone going through a healing journey. Provisions for this important need are met on an individual basis and in accordance with cooperation between Hesed Place team members and in-network community resource providers.

  • Transitional Living

    Hesed Place has not yet acquired property to offer Transitional Living opportunities through our own organization. However, this is a priority for us and we plan to begin searching for our very own place soon! A sneak-peek to our concept includes a house location with residing staff in addition to a tiny-home Hesed Community that allows for progressive growth. Currently we work alongside other community providers, organizations, and with available funding in order to provide transitional housing and/or safe haven as possible.

  • Personal Development

    We all grow into our potential. This is an ongoing life journey for each of us in accordance with our desire, our will, and our resources. At Hesed Place we understand the effects developmental and complex trauma can have on adult function. We do our best to meet individual needs through Life Group assistance and Community Resources so that individual potential is maximized. This includes the spectrum of meaningful aspects in any person’s life such as physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and cognitive / psychological needs. (There is a “whole lot” to us that creates a “whole human being!”)

  • Transitional Community

    What is “Transitional Community?” Transitional Community includes any need, skill set, and progressive process that helps a person grow into his / her independent potential. Hesed Place rejoices in the restoration of giftedness participants find as they heal. As participants grow in truth and out of abusive lifestyles, knowing the fullness of who they are is exponentially possible. Coming alongside survivors as they experience this in an increasingly meaningful and independent way is paramount for us at Hesed Place. This looks like participants growing through the step-by-step process that allows for sequential growth over time. The collective process of Support Network, Counseling, Transitional Living, and Personal Development results in the ultimate goal of graduating into a meaningfully independent, self-sustaining life in a community of choice for each survivor. Transitional Community Assistance seeks to make this possible for those who walk through our doors.

  • Fundraising/Training & Educational Opportunities

    At Hesed Place we care passionately about people. Many of you do, too. In a perfect world we would be able to accomplish everything needed with heart, hands, and feet; yet we exist because of how absolutely imperfect the world really is. This means we are dependent on funds in order to provide what is best and what is needed.

    (All contributions are 501(c)3 tax-deductible!)

    Organize a fundraiser!
    Do you have a small group, a church, a community group, or even a group of friends who would like to contribute from where you are? Creative fundraising can be fun and is a great way to help whether local or out-of-state.

    • Become a monthly sponsor!
      Have you wondered how to make a difference in a regular way that helps us plan ahead? This is a great way to become part of our team!
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    • • Do you have an overall passion for being a part of an invaluable opportunity for trauma survivors? Donate to our General Fund.
    • • Is your interest providing safe haven? Donate to our Property Fund.
    • • Is your heart focused on helping hurting people? Donate to the Support Network, Personal Development, or Counseling Fund.
    • • Is your interest in Education? Donate to our Teaching and Training Fund.
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    • Trauma-Informed Training is provided for:
    • • Community Resource Providers
    • • Approved Volunteers who have contact with participants
    • • Partnering Organizations
    Speaking Engagements
    Considered upon request. Please message or email us and we will be happy to consider this with you!

  • Services are offered provisionally and in accordance with funding and support.