Our Board

Board Members

Amy C. Bradley, OTR/L

Founder & Executive Director

Amy has experienced first-hand the challenges Complex Trauma survivors face as they courageously embrace a healing journey. Walking alongside survivors for over ten years, Amy recognized the necessity for progressive, trauma-informed solutions desperately needed by those who have been severely abused. Hesed Place grew from Amy's vision to address these needs by creating a “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-a-Town.”

Hesed Place received its 501(c)3 in 2018, and began implementing the “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-a-Town” vision by providing Trauma-Informed Certification Training to five groups: Medical & Therapeutic Professionals, Law Enforcement, Community Service Providers, Life Groups (Survivor Support Groups), Organizations (Including Churches)

Training combined with services offered by Hesed Place emphasize “The Whole Journey,” encompassing both the whole person and the stages of the journey. Therapeutic Services combined with Life Group survivor support and community advocacy serve the Complex Trauma population in a mindful, trans-disciplinary manner. Amy’s vision for the near future includes progressive living accommodations, transitional community assistance, and continual relationship-based support for survivors committed to their healing journeys.

Amy’s heart is most fulfilled as she sits alongside survivors in session, counseling them through the process of healing and growth. She appreciates weaving her educational background into her work, having graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Psychology and from the Medical University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy. In addition to serving as Founder and Executive director of Hesed Place, she finds great joy in the love of her family, friends, and beloved horse and dog. The beach is her most restful setting and her faith brings her the greatest peace.

Jaime Squires


Jaime Squires serves Hesed Place as both Secretary and Director of Personal Development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nyack College in NY, and is continuing her education as she actively pursues her Master’s of Divinity from Portland Seminary. Jaime has walked alongside survivors for six years standing with them and witnessing their brave pursuit of growth and change. Jaime herself continues to seek new opportunities to grow in her understanding of complex trauma and the resilience of humanity as a result. Jaime is committed to helping those in support positions have access to their own support, direction and continued educational resources as they come alongside survivors. As Hesed Place continues to expand our local community of trauma informed support for survivors Jaime recognizes the importance of caring for all involved, in ways that promote the opportunity for growth. Jaime enjoys helping both survivors and those living life alongside survivors as they move through their own unique journeys. She has a natural way of making people feel valued and cared for whether they are survivors or learning to support survivors.

Sandy Allen


Sandy Allen serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Directors. 

Kathryn Taylor, MA

Transitional Community Director

Kathryn Taylor serves as both board member and Director of Transitional Community, helping to match survivors with community resource providers that best meet their individual needs. With her Masters in Community Health Education from East Carolina University she has over 15 years experience serving nonprofit organizations in a variety of capacities including community education, grant writing, marketing, and fundraising. Kathryn is a strong advocate for education in many areas as she continues to guest lecturer in her primary field of Athletic Training, is a Basic Life Support Instructor for a local training center and is currently earning a certificate in Faith Based Nonprofit Leadership through Wake Forrest University. Kathryn enjoys teaching ballet and riding her horses.

Sandy K. Patel, Ph.D.

Board Member

Sandy K. Patel, Ph.D, serves as a Board Member. Sandy is a resident of Madison, Alabama and has served the community for years on the municipal board as well as in multiple non-profit boards. He has served on the Madison Rotary Foundation (501(c)(3)) Non-Profit, for 4 years) and had served on Rotary Club of Madison Board (for 6 years). He also served on the non-profit board for Nexus Energy in Huntsville, AL, the Madison City Schools Growth Study Committee, and the Madison Street Festival Committee. For Over 6 years, he has Co-Chaired an annual fundraiser, “The Singer/Songwriters for St. Jude”, that raises money directly for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He is a current member of the Industrialization Development Board for the City of Madison, Alabama and still served on the Madison Rotary Foundation. As a board member of Hesed Place, Sandy hopes to provide a diversity of experience in operating a non-profit, advice in working with municipal government and other civic leaders, and guidance to the Board on ways to insure the health of mission of Hesed Place.

Dr. Sandy Patel received his doctorate in Physics and has spent his career in the fields of Astrophysics and Rocket Science/Engineering and Data Analysis. He is currently President of Patel Technologies Corporation, a company that specializes in software development (machine learning, data analytics) and technical, strategic planning, and management.

Tonya Swindell, MS, OTR/L

Board Member

Tonya S. Swindell, MS, OTR/L serves as a Board Member. Tonya is a resident of Suffolk, Virginia. She has worked as a mental health Occupational Therapist, with individuals experiencing trauma, for over 20 years. Her professional focus has been on helping others to develop daily living skills healthy coping strategies and ways to manage stress. Tonya received a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy from Medical University of South Carolina and a Master's degree in Community Health Education and Health Promotion from Old Dominion University. She enjoys writing, being with family and spending time with friends.

Kathy Reinhart

Board Member

Kathy Reinhardt was born in California to a military family.  As a result of that she has traveled all over the United States.  She has been on multiple missions trips to Africa and one to Ukraine.  She moved to North Carolina in 2003 to start a new life.  She met her current husband and best friend Doug in 2002 and they married in NC in 2004.  They have 4 children between them.  They have 6 grandchildren.  She worked at the local rape crisis center for 8 years here in New Bern where she found her heart working with trauma survivors.  She began her deep love of client work while working at Temple Church in the Hope Network.  She has been there for 8 years.  She also takes a day a week to work with Hesed Clients. She attended Liberty University for her undergrad work in crisis counseling and then Graduated with her in Master’s in Licensed Professional Counseling 2018.  Kathy is currently licensed in North Carolina with her Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor’s Associate (LCMHCA).  She specializes in trauma work.  She continues to learn how the brain operates in a state of trauma in order to help bring understanding and healing to her clients. She is excited to bring all that she knows to empower women to find value and courage while facing the challenges of life.  


Hope Manasseh

Board Member