What is "Hesed"?

The first time I ever read the word “Hesed,” I was searching for expressions that mean “love.”  When I stumbled upon this article I was overcome that words could even begin to define its depth of meaning. 

Whether you believe in Jesus as an important part of your life or not, there is no denying the beauty in which He walked this earth.  Full of a Love like none other, He constantly offered a consistent, unconditional sense of presence to all He encountered.  Not once was what He offered, deserved.  What we know is that same Love is unending, even though He isn’t physically here as He once was. 

It is our heartfelt intent at Hesed Place to walk along each survivor we encounter from a place of Hesed love:  the unfailing Love that will not be shaken.  To those of you who were told “love” is connected to captivity, being hurt, loyalty, what you can offer, or anything other than what is freely given, we want you to know the truth is very much the opposite.   Love is kind, love does not seek its own, love thinks no evil.  Love… is an action that mends brokenness and extends forgiveness.