About us

The Whole Journey

Hesed Place is a non-Profit Organization focused on the provision of progressive growth-related resources to survivors of severe trauma. While those who are hurting often find the courage to choose a healing journey, barriers often stand in the way throughout the stages of need. Hesed Place desires to eliminate these obstacles when possible in order to maximize potential for freedom, growth, and meaningful choices within the community and in life.

Hesed Place exists because of a passion to come alongside survivors of severe trauma throughout all stages of the healing journey. It takes courage for a survivor to step out, take a chance, make changes, dare to trust, and believe things could possibly be different.

Hesed Place hopes to provide the necessary support and opportunities to make the survivor’s effort more successful. We strive to do what we can to decrease the likelihood of logistical barriers getting in the way.

Our goal is to provide referral-based, in-network services for all aspects of need. This approach provides for each survivor consistent trauma-informed support across disciplines. Whether one is just beginning the process of life-changing decisions or is farther along in the process, our hope is to be able to assist in the continuum of progression toward living a full, independent life.


Support ServicesOffered:

Individual Support Pairing
Transitional Living
Personal Skill Training
Referral Resources
Personal Development
Movement-Centered Activities (ie. Dance, Martial-Arts, Boxing, Theater, etc.)
Trauma-Informed Training & Education
Transitional Community Assistance

Services are offered provisionally and in accordance with funding and support.

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