Hesed Place

Walking alongside survivors of severe trauma through the stages of healing, growth in truth, and into the fullness of who they are.

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Hesed Place's mission is to provide progressive, personal, and community resources to survivors of severe complex trauma to maximize the potential for freedom, growth, and independence first within their life and then the community.

By creating a “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town” through the training of community professionals we offer collaborative Trauma-Informed, transdisciplinary care to those who have been severely abused.


Stage 1: We currently offer limited Counseling Services, Referral Services for Therapeutic and Medical Needs, as well as Trauma-Informed Certification Training to Community Network Professional groups.

Stage 2: Fill first tier of Training Group Professionals. Purchase initial Transitional Living Property. Begin building and developing property, including first tiny houses. Expand services provided.

Stage 3: Continue building Training Group Professional tiers. Purchase property and establish Trauma-Focused Center / Office Building. Continue developing Transitional Living Property. Expand services provided.

Stage 4: Replicate Hesed Place “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town” model to other locations.

What We Do

We are creating a “Trauma-Informed-Town-Within-A-Town!” This involves providing Trauma-Informed Certification Training to 5 groups:

  • Medical & Therapeutic Professionals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Service Providers and Other Professionals
  • Organizations & Churches
  • Life Groups (Survivor Support Groups)
What We Are Unable To Do

Provide online counseling (including continual phone or email correspondence). Guarantee assistance. Act outside of our guidelines (in the best interest of those we serve and those who are serving).

Why WeDoWhat WeDo

Simply stated: WE EXIST to provide for Complex Trauma Survivors what they need throughout the stages of a healing journey. While those who are hurting often find the courage to choose an alternative path, barriers often stand in the way throughout the stages of need.

Hesed Place desires to eliminate these obstacles in order to maximize potential for freedom, growth, and meaningful choices within the community and life. We strive to do whatever is necessary in order to provide much needed Trauma-Informed transdisciplinary services, relationship-based support, and progressive skills training in order to maximize the capacity for Complex Trauma Survivors to grow from surviving to thriving.