Hesed Place

Walking alongside survivors of severe trauma through the stages of healing, growth in truth, and into the fullness of who they are.


Hesed Place's mission is to provide progressive, personal, and community resources to survivors of severe complex trauma to maximize the potential for freedom, growth, and independence within the community and in life.

What We Do

Our goal is to provide referral-based in-network services for all aspects of need. This approach provides for each survivor consistent trauma-informed support across disciplines.

Hesed Place provides the necessary support and opportunities to make the survivor’s effort more successful. We strive to do what we can to decrease the likelihood of logistical barriers getting in the way.

What We Are Unable To Do

Provide online counseling (including continual phone or email correspondence). Guarantee assistance. Act outside of our guidelines (in the best interest of those we serve and those who are serving).

Whatwe offerThrough Hesed Place

Services are offered provisionally and in accordance with funding and support.

A Note About Hesed Place...

We at Hesed Place are working hard to prepare for the survivors who will one day walk through our doors.  It is important to us that we take the time to prepare well!  

Please prayerfully remember us as we work on the following:

  • •Search for transitional living property 
  • •Secure, train, and prepare our referral resources 
  • •Train support persons and mentor groups 
  • •Refine details of services 
  • •Begin building a financial support network (donors, contributors, fundraising events)
  • •Continue to build our team